Student Organizations Guidelines and Registration Process


Student Organizations Guidelines and Registration Process


The purpose of student organizations at Northeast Luzon Adventist College Inc. (NELAC) is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, professional, and service aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every NELAC student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations.

Definition of Student Organization

A student organization is defined as a group of ten (10) or more currently enrolled NELAC students, faculty, staff whose primary purpose is to support the goals and mission of the College.  Only students may serve as officers or have a controlling interest in the organization.  All organizations must have a designated faculty or staff member of the college to serve as advisor.  These organizations must adhere to expectations of the entire NELAC community, contribute positively to the campus and abide by all Philippine laws and College policies. Student organization categories recognized by NELAC include Academic/Professional, Institutional, and Service Groups.

Types of Organization


Academic organizations are student organizations whose primary purpose is to support and enhance the academic goals of the College. Examples: Future Mentor’s Club; Young Educator’s Research Club; Book Lovers Club.


Institutional organizations are student organizations that serve a primary function and help to support the mission and goals of the College. These groups, by nature of their design, are essential to the fundamental purpose of student learning. Examples: Student Association (SA); Viewpoints Editorial Staff; Pathfinder Club; Masterguide Club


Spiritual Group organizations are student organizations geared primarily to cater their spiritual needs. Examples: Ministerial Association; Student Association of Literature Evangelist; Student Movement Impelling Lovely Environment.

Singing Groups

Singing Groups are student or mix organizations inclined mainly to use their talent of singing to serve the college community and for outreach purposes. Example: The Vessels; Royal Heirs Chorale; Elementary Kids Choir; String Ensemble.


Sports organizations are student organizations that serve primary to promote sports activities. Example: Basketball Club; Tennis Club; Football Club.


Arts organizations are student organizations motivated primarily to use their artistic gift to promote culture, custom and Christian values through painting, drama or other form of creative expressions. Example: Entablado.

Registering an organization

Anyone interested in starting an organization should contact the Student Services Office.

Criteria for Registration

Registration will be granted only to those organizations whose purpose and proposed activities are clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the College.

Registration Process

At the beginning of each academic year an organization registration form should be submitted to the Office of Student Services, along with a copy of the organization’s constitution/bylaws. Constitutions/bylaws are kept on file and should be updated annually. Forms must be signed by the organization sponsor/advisor.  Incomplete forms will not be considered.

To become a registered NELAC student organization, the following information must be submitted to the Student Services Office:

  1. Organization Name
  2. Sponsoring College/Dept.
  3. Type of Organization
  4. Mission/Purpose
  5. Fees, dues, or other funding sources
  6. Officer and leadership structure
  7. List of student membership
  8. Faculty Advisor
  9. Time and location of meetings
  10. Contact person (top 3 officers)

Complete registration forms

Completed registration forms and constitution/bylaws should be sent to the Student Services Office.

After the registration form and constitution/bylaws have been submitted, the forms will be reviewed and acted by the Student Services Committee.  The designated organization contact person will be informed for the organization to proceed with its goals and mission.

Registration shall be denied if the evidence shows that the proposed organization conflicts with the educational process of the college, including but not limited to:

  • The regular and orderly operation of the College
  • The requirements of appropriate conduct within the College community
  • The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities
  • The laws or ordinances of the government of the Philippines.
  • The Rules and regulations of the College.

Renewal Requirements

Registration forms should be submitted each year with updated officer names, membership count, etc… In addition, any changes to the organization’s constitution or local charter must be submitted through the procedures for registration. Constitutions are kept on file in the Student Services Office and must be updated annually.

Annual Reports

As part of the recognized student organization (RSO) renewal process, annual reports are required to ensure that student organizations are meeting expectations, assessing the activities they offer the campus, and reviewing feedback from members.

Annual reports are due at the end of each academic year and should be submitted to the Student Services office.

If your organization has not conducted any events, programs, or meetings you will still need to submit the template with an explanation as to why you have not hosted any activities.

Best Practices:

  • Document within a week of each activity to ensure details are accurate.
  • Review your annual report with your advisor before submitting.

Note: Annual reports are required before an organization can be renewed for the following year. If organization leaders fail to renew their organization, the organization will no longer be active and lose their ‘recognized organization’ status at NELAC.

Relation to NELAC, Use of NELAC Name/Logo

The Student Association and other student organizations are independent associations. They are not agents or representatives of Northeast Luzon Adventist College and are in no way authorized or empowered to enter into any agreement, contract or understanding on behalf of NELAC.  Any provision or understanding that binds NELAC is null and void. NELAC is not responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations, or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations.

Student organizations should contact the Office of Data Privacy Officer to request authorization to use the NELAC name or logo.

Non-discriminatory Clause

 No Student Organization shall discriminate against a qualified member of NELAC on the basis of their color, race, religion, creed, national origin, age, gender, marital status, ability.


Student organizations whose members commit, encourage, condone, or contribute to violations of the institutional rules and regulations, the policies of the NELAC Board of Trustees are strictly prohibited.

Any violation of the NELAC student Behavior Standard should be reported to the head of security or to the Dean of Student Services within 24 hours.

Event Requirements

Registered Student Organizations, planning to host events must submit an event request to the Dean of Student Services.  This request should include the venue, description of event, time, date and contact person.  Request should be submitted one weeks prior to the date of the event. Please note, request does not guarantee approval.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the registration process and/or applications contact:

Dean of Student Services CP no. 0936 186 0206